Tuition and Scholarships

Payment for classes is required either by cash, check, Pay Pal, Venmo or credit/debit card one full calendar week before the class or program begins for the student's spot to be held in the class. Class fee is billed monthly at the beginning of each month. We request that homeschool students using Ocean Grove Purchase Orders to pay tuition file purchase orders monthly rather than at the end of the semester if possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Tuition Bundles

At Seven Direction we are dedicated to building a community that nurtures our students and makes them feel at home in our studio. To encourage that community network we offer multiple programs that offer families discounts for signing up for multiple classes.

For our afterschool classes, we offer the following discounts:
2nd Class: $20 off per month
3rd Class: $30 off per month

For our homeschool classes, we offer several options allowing families to bundle classes together for great deals. Please contact us with any questions about homeschool program packages. Those packages include;

  • 1 Elementary combo day (2 classes back to back) $270
  • 2 Elementary combo days (4 classes on 2 days) $510 per month
  • 3 Elementary combo days (6 classes on 3 days) $765 per month
  • 1 Middle school combo day (2 classes back to back) $270
  • 2 Middle school combo days (4 classes on 2 days) $510
  • 2 Middle school combo days+ mindfulness $575

Homeschool students who are already registered with a homeschool package may take $20 off their first after school class.

Financial Assistance

Seven Directions is committed to being a safe and welcoming space for all kids to learn and to express themselves creatively. To uphold this standard of inclusivity, we offer financial assistance and scholarships to families who are experiencing financial hardship, or who need assistance with tuition. If you need financial assistance, please reach out to us at