art party

A fun, collaborative art experience! Looking for a new, fun and exciting way to celebrate your birthday? Throw an Art Party! Art Parties are available to children, adults, special groups, family reunions, work parties and retreats. Using the wide range of live animals and 3D models at the school, each participant makes a small canvas painting to take home with the support of our staff. Instruction time is typically 2 hours followed by 30 minutes of Animal Time with a live animal from our studio, plus another 30 for eating food and opening gifts.

Enjoy a custom adventure game of Dungeons & Dragons created just for you by one of our professional Game Masters! Invite up to 6 of your closest friends, create your own characters and play a game with a theme created just for you! Character creation and game time runs about 3.5 hours, with an additional 30-40 minutes for food and gifts.

Call (831) 529-8485 or email to book a party!