Homeschool Program

Seven Directions Homeschool programs are based on the idea that kids learn best when they feel comfortable being themselves, when their unique learning needs are respected and met and when education is fun and interactive! Our classes will never find kids sitting and being lectured at, or being expected to be still and silent for long periods of time. We believe in learning through play, in hands on exploration and in individualizing education to meet kids’ individual learning styles. We believe in fidget toys and creative expression, we believe that social emotional development is as important as academics and we believe that self esteem and strong community are the most important factors in Children being able to be successful learners.

Because of those beliefs, our goal with all our programs, but especially our homeschool programs, is to develop a strong community here at Seven Directions. To support that goal, we are happy to offer new homeschool class packages where students get increased discounts to tuition depending on how many classes they take. We do our best to schedule multiple classes for the same age group back to back so that kids can have a cohort of friends to learn with, and parents can get solid blocks of time to do other things. Students who stay for back to back homeschool classes are encouraged to bring a lunch and eat with friends between classes for no extra charge. Ages for each class are flexible and we are always happy to discuss what placements would be best for your child and to offer trials so that families can be sure they are getting the classes that are the best fit for their children.

Seven Directions is a verified vendor with Ocean Grove and South Sutter Charter Programs and is ready to accept purchase orders for any of our classes. We request that whenever possible, PO’s are filed monthly, rather than at the end of the semester. Details about our Homeschool Tuition Packages are listed below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Homeschool Program Package Discounts:

  • 1 Elementary combo day (2 classes back to back) $270
  • 2 Elementary combo days (4 classes on 2 days) $510 per month
  • 3 Elementary combo days (6 classes on 3 days) $765 per month
  • 1 Middle school combo day (2 classes back to back) $270
  • 2 Middle school combo days (4 classes on 2 days) $510
  • 2 Middle school combo days+ mindfulness $575