Our Philosophy

Every person has a unique vision to share that enhances the richness of our community. The wide range of creative learning opportunities available at Seven Directions help all students realize their potential artistically, academically and socially. We believe that the arts are a crucial part of the human experience, and that art is the best way for young learners to explore and express their understanding of the world around them. Instruction at 7D emphasizes the development of self-esteem through meaningful self-expression, with social emotional skills being valued as strongly as academics. Art and academics are thoughtfully melded with a genuine respect for each student’s creative spirit and celebration of their uniqueness.

Summer Camps

Seven Directions has 10 Sessions of Summer Camps for kids ages 5 and up, both at our studio and off site at various scenic locations! We have full day camps, half day camps and some with an option for either. Full day camps include lunch time and nearly all camps include Animal Time with our resident animals! CAMPS are available to students ages 5 and up.

Fall 2024

Art and science classes at Seven Directions Institute are offered September 11th. - May 18th. All classes run weekly on a month to month payment schedule. Enrollment is ongoing. We offer a wide variety of classes for homeschoolers as well as after school programs and weekend workshops. Classes are available to students ages 5 and up.

Events & Movie Nights!

Seven Directions is now hosting regular Movie Nights several times a month on Saturday nights as an opportunity for parents to get a night out and kids to get a fun night to hang out with friends at Seven Directions under the supervision of our staff, watching movies, making art and interacting with our resident animals. Check out movie nights and the other fun events that we host throughout the year!