English Lit Social Club

Meet English Literature requirements while building friendships and having fun! English Lit Social Club is a place for students to read exciting and impactful novels, engage in group discussions designed to help process and deepen understanding of the text as well as having time to socialize. Books will be selected based on the interests and needs of the group and the instructor will support students in a variety of writing and art projects to demonstrate their knowledge, develop their skills and provide learning samples that meet required standards. Each class will offer time for students to read and work on written projects individually or as a group depending on individual preferences, in addition to community discussion and activities.

*Students who sign up for both English Lit Club and History for the People qualify for the Monday Middle School Homeschool Package discount of $270 per month and can stay for lunch between the two classes at no extra charge.

HOMESCHOOL: This class meets academic standards and includes documented learning samples sent home every class.

To reserve your spot in these classes, FIRST fill out our Registration Form HERE.

  • Instructor: Kyle Vasquez
  • Recommended grades 6-9
  • Monday 1:30pm - 3:30pm
  • $140 per month/ $580 Winter/Spring semester - Full tuition due upon enrollment to receive semester discount.

English Lit Social Club