Cabaret takes place from 1929-1930, a time when Berlin, in the midst of a post-World War I economic depression, is transitioning from a center of underground, avant-garde cultural epicenter to the beginnings of Hitler’s totalitarian regime and the rise of the Nazi Party. Into this world enters Clifford Bradshaw, a struggling American writer looking for inspiration for his next novel. On his first night in Berlin, Cliff wanders into the Kit Kat Klub, a seedy nightclub overseen by the strange, omniscient and gender-bending Master of Ceremonies, “the Emcee.” Here, Cliff meets Sally Bowles, a vivacious, talented cabaret performer, and an utterly lost soul. Sally and Cliff begin a relationship, which blossoms unexpectedly into a dream-like romance. As time passes, however, the situation in Berlin changes from exciting and vital to ominous and violent; Ernst, Cliff’s first German friend, turns out to be an up-and-coming member of the Nazi Party, and Herr Schultz, a fellow boarder at Fraulein Schneider’s guest house (and Schneider’s fiancee), is the victim of an Anti-Semitic hate crime. When he finds out that Sally is pregnant, Cliff decides that they must leave for America at once, before things get any worse. Sally, afraid, confused, and unsure that she’ll ever really be able to trade the sexy, illicit cabaret lifestyle for motherhood, gets an abortion, and tells Cliff that he must leave without her. With a distinctly Brechtian dose of provocation and a score featuring songs that have become classics of the American Musical Theater, Cabaret is a fierce, meaty musical that pushes the boundaries of the form and literally holds “the mirror up to nature.

  • Winner! Eight 1967 Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Composer/Lyricist
  • Winner! The 1967 Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Production
  • Winner! The 1967 New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Musical
  • Winner! Four 1998 Tony Awards for Revival, Actor, Actress, and Featured Actor
  • Winner! Three 1998 Drama Desk Awards, for Outstanding Revival, Actor and Actress
  • Winner! Three 1998 Outer Critics Circle Awards, for Outstanding Revival, Actor and Actress
  • Nominee: Two 2014 Tony Awards, for Featured Actor and Actress
  • Winner! Seven 2022 Olivier Awards, including Best Musical Revival

“A stunning musical... this marionette's-eye view of a time and place in our lives that was brassy, wanton, carefree and doomed to crumble is brilliantly conceived.”– Walter Kerr, The New York Times

“A masterpiece of musical theatre... Cabaret unfolds as a haunting portrait of the decadent world of early 1930’s Germany.” – Tom Williams,

“Stunning... a masterpiece of musical theater penned as a cautionary tale and not at all leavened by the embrace of paradox.” – Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune

“Cabaret, especially as restaged in New York by the Roundabout in 1998... proved to be one of the greatest reconfigurations of a classic musical ever. (It didn’t hurt that it always had one of the greatest scores, not to mention a trove of castoffs and movie additions to scavenge.) Though most of the intellectual force of the concept was already implicit in Prince’s staging, the new version developed it further, especially in honing the equivalence of entertainment and complicity to a sharper point with its realistic nightclub setting. It also emotionalized the material more completely... it muddied the distinctions between observer, satirist, collaborator, and victim.” – Jesse Green, Vulture

“John Kander and Fred Ebb’s musical drama Cabaret, with book by Joe Masteroff, is a show that keeps on giving... a musical that shows interesting characters living through a difficult time, with great songs and mood and atmosphere.” – Donald Brown, New Haven Review


*The role of Sally Bowles has been pre-cast.

Master of Ceremonies; Emcee
Host at the Kit Kat Club-- a gender-nonconforming-presenting, exuberant figure; comfortable with being close to the audience; dark, comedic, sinister, vulgar…yet lovable; requires a strong presence that is playful and mysterious. Must act, sing (some in German), move well, and be comfortable with bawdy/suggestive staging/choreography. Age range: 25-50 Accent: German Vocal range top: C#5, Vocal range bottom: C3

*Sally Bowles
A British cabaret singer at the Kit Kat Club. Quirky and flighty. Struggles with knowing the darkness of the reality of her life and has woeful luck in her relationships with men. Must act, sing, and dance well; comfortable with moments of intimacy and bawdy/ suggestive staging/ choreography. • Age range: 20-40 • Accent: British • Vocal range top: C5, Vocal range bottom: A3

Clifford (Cliff) Bradshaw
An American novelist and English teacher traveling to Berlin. Through his journey he explores the many facets and complexities of his sexuality, politics, and artistic goals.) Must act and sing well, comfortable with stage movement, light dance, and moments of intimacy. • Age range: 25-40 • Accent: American • Vocal range top: E4, Vocal range bottom: A2

Fräulein Schneider
A landlady who rents rooms to Cliff, Sally, and several other characters in her large flat. She is alone and is resigned to her place in life, but secretly longs for companionship. She is very critical of some people while looking the other way with others; comfortable with stage movement and light dance (waltz). Must act and sing well; comfortable with moments of intimacy. • Age range: Late 40s-50s • Accent: German • Vocal range top: A-flat4, Vocal range low: D3

Herr Schultz
A Jewish fruit shop owner who falls in love with Fraulein Schneider; sweet, lovable, and adoring; heartbreakingly naïve about the political turmoil in Germany. Must act and sing well; comfortable with stage movement, light dance (waltz), and moments of intimacy. • Age range: Late 40s-50s • Accent: German • Vocal range top: high F, Vocal range low: low G

Fräulein Kost (doubles as Kit Kat “Girl”)
A prostitute who rents in Fraulein Schneider's boarding house; larger than life personality, quick witted and sharp tongued; should be comfortable exhibiting a strong sexual and commanding nature; must act and move well and sing in German. • Age range: 30-49 • Accent: German • Vocal range top: high F, Vocal range low: A flat

Ernst Ludwig
A friendly and likable German, takes English lessons from Cliff, and smuggles funds for the Nazi party; comfortable with stage movement and light dance (waltz); and sing in German. • Age range: 20-40 • Accent: German • Vocal range top: high F, Vocal range low: A flat

The Kit Kat “Girls” & “Boys”
These performers are often in salacious situations and costumes. They are an eclectic mix of types and aren’t necessarily a matching unit. It is very important they act, sing, dance / move well and with confidence. They will be part of various scenes in and out of the Club; should be comfortable interacting with the audience and comfortable with bawdy/suggestive staging/choreography; also sing in German; one doubles as Fräulein Kost, one as Gorilla, and one as Chanteuse.

Rosie, Lulu, Frenchie, Texas, Fritzie, Helga, Bobby, Victor, Hans (doubles as Rudy, a sailor), Herman (doubles as Customs Official & Max)
• Age range: 18-40 • Accent: German • All gender-identities and body types welcome

Boy Soprano
• Voiceover role • Sings in German • German dialect • Performance pre-recorded

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  • Director: Kyle Vasquez
  • Ages: 18+
  • Audition Deposit: $100
  • Auditions: November 2024
  • Shows: February 2025 *The role of Sally Bowles has been pre-cast
  • Please prepare a 1 minute dramatic monologue & 1 minute vocal solo