Performing Arts: Renegade Theater Co.

Seven Directions is now offering performing arts in the form of Renegade Theater Co! Renegade is a grassroots company for youth, teen and adult performers that strives to push the limits of community theater beyond the norm. Our goal is to shake up the status quo and provide developing performers with opportunities to engage in theater that they can be passionate about and to explore shows and themes that aren’t typically offered in unique ways. We strive to create exciting and profound theatrical experiences that allow our students to grow and learn, not just as on stage performers, but as behind the scenes crew, directing staff and techies, as well as growing as people and as a community.

Renegade theater Co. is committed to putting on high quality productions without undue stress or pressure. Theater should be a fun and positive experience for those creating the shows as well as for the audience. While we work hard and have high standards for our shows, our top priority is always the mental health of our performers and crew. Our goal is theater without the drama. We achieve this by cultivating a staff of adult professionals that are committed to making the theater a safe space for our students and to developing connections with them built on mutual trust, respect and honesty. In addition, we devote much of our rehearsal time to team building, group cooperation and empathy skills, as well as prioritizing the teaching of self awareness and self regulation so that our actors can avoid the emotional stress that often comes with theater. We also have a licensed therapist on staff as a consultant, with many years of experience working with youth theater, who helps us ensure we are supporting our students with best practices in every way possible.

Renegade believes in empowering young performers to explore all realms of the theater experience. We expect all cast members to be directly involved in the creation of costumes, sets, props etc. so they are well rounded and community minded. We train our crew to be competent professionals in tech skills, directing and stage management and give them the same value and respect that is afforded to on stage performers.

We are passionate about helping young performers explore creatively in ways that excite them and in empowering them to create their own theater when they are ready to do so, in addition to the skill building we provide in our adult directed programs. Because of this, Renegade provides a vehicle for teen performers to get the support they need to create theater experiences that previously existed only in their imaginations. We believe that the best way to build a positive future for the performing arts is to actively cultivate future theater professionals by creating stepping stones that allow them to progress beyond the point where our help is needed.

For our inaugural season, we are planning a musical for Fall ‘23, several dramatic plays for Spring ‘24 and a musical, play and hopefully a Shakespeare show for Summer ‘24. In addition, our Life’s A Stage Acting Class, Homeschool Theater Troupe and Musical Theater Choir will have live showcases at the end of each semester, including small cast plays chosen for and performed and directed by the students in Life’s A Stage Spring Semester.

- Renegade Theater Co. Fall ‘23 Shows and Classes -

Life’s A Stage: After School Acting & Theater Arts Class

  • Instructor: Kyle Vasquez
  • Recommended for Ages 12-17
  • Monday 4:00pm - 6:30pm
  • $150 per month / $475 semester

Musical Theater Choir

  • Instructor:Melanie Camras
  • Recommended for Ages 8-12
  • $140 per month/ $475 Fall semester
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Private Voice Lessons

  • Instructor: Melanie Camras
  • All ages & skill levels
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Fall Musical: Be More Chill

  • Director: Kyle Vasquez
  • Registration is OPEN!
  • Ages 13-17
  • Auditions 9/6, 9/8 & 9/9
  • Shows 12/1-12/10
  • $625

Be More Chill Crew Workshop

  • Program Lead/Mentor Teacher: Lindsey Gould
  • Ages 12-17
  • $150 for Full Semester
  • Saturdays & Sundays 12pm-5pm
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Spring 2024

  • The Crucible & John Proctor Is The Villain*.
  • Registration will open by early December ‘23
  • Auditions early January.
  • Shows late March.
  • *Pending rights approval.
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